Small Bedroom Design Ideas

10 Small Bedroom Ideas

Majority of people hold the perception that small bedrooms are only meant to fulfill their sleep and storage needs and can’t be as relaxing, cozy, impressive and full of personality as larger spaces. However, you may be surprised to know that you can transform even the tiniest of bedrooms into a must-see retreat with enviable interior design schemes and practical storage solutions.

To many, decking up and decorating small bedrooms can appear a daunting endeavor since you have restricted square footage and you need to make a smart usage of the space to transform your small bedroom into an impressive and eye-grabbing space.

For all those facing difficulties in decorating small bedrooms, we have brought forward this blog that will familiarize you with some of the amazing tips for decorating your small bedrooms.

Small Bedroom Ideas

We will now bring forth some of the amazing ideas and tips for decorating your small bedroom:

1. Pick Light and Bright Hues/Pick Contrasting Shades to Create a Striking Effect: The shades you pick for decking up a bedroom can potentially transform a boring looking space into an alluring and impressive space. While light and bright shades tremendously boost the mood and ambiance of a space, darker hues tend to close in. Either way, it ultimately depends on you whether you want to create a chic look with light and bright hues or make it dark and cozy with chocolate browns or saturated berry reds.

Light and bright shades are a practical choice for a bedroom since they reflect natural light and help combat the absence of large wall space by magnifying the room or making it appear larger. It is wise to pick light and bright hues for the walls and combining it with decors, flooring, furniture, and centerpieces in contrasting shades to create a striking effect and enhance the look of the bedroom.

2. Create a Magnifying effect with Mirrors: One of the excellent ways to add depth and dimension to space and create the illusion of a bigger space is to add mirrors in a manner to reflect natural light into space and keep it light. You can consider leaning a large body-length mirror against a wall or hanging several small mirrors from the ceiling to enhance the visual appeal of your bedroom.

3. Save Floor Space with Floating Shelves, Built-In Shelves and Under the Bed Storage: Every square inch counts when you deck up a small bedroom and you need to get creative for handling your storage when you don’t have plenty of space. It is wise to purchase beds with drawers underneath that can be utilized for keeping out-of-season merchandise, shoes, etc. Alternatively, you can use decorative bins and woven baskets under the bed for holding your clothing and luggage.

You can consider incorporating built-in shelves around the head of the bed or opt for a shelving unit and install floating shelves that can be save you some space and help impart a cleaner and more impressive look to your bedroom while allowing you to display accessories, table lamps, flower vases, books, and other objects you love.

4. Duplicate a Pattern: You must not be afraid to duplicate a pattern for creating a chic look. Pick an eye-catching and impressive pattern such as polka dots, etc and consider repeating it on the walls and soft furnishings such as pillow covers, bedsheets, curtains, cushion covers, rugs, blankets, etc to create an impressive and delightful look.

5. Create a Feature Wall: You can consider creating a high impact look by making one of your walls as your focal point. It is wise to create an industrial and statement look by using a trendy and striking wallpaper on a wall and teaming it up with eye-catching and impressive artwork. You can consider opting a restricted color palette with crisp, white bed linen and furniture made from reclaimed wood all of which will together give your room a high-end look with a very little hassle.

6. Design a Focal Point: A focal point is one of the best ways to create a statement and enrich the look and visual appeal of your bedroom. A focal point can be in the form of an impressive window treatment or the head of the bed. You can consider crafting out a custom headboard by incorporating a wooden paneling to the wall behind the bed in case you have a platform bed. You can consider teaming it up with nightstands vertically above the bed and impressive linens to complete the look. Dress up one of the elements – the window or the bed to create a chic look.

7. Create an Impression with a Statement Wall: One of the excellent ways of popping up a small bedroom is to create a statement wall by opting for a single, large piece of art that inspires and delights you or hanging a group of plates or rounded mirrors on the wall or decking it up with an oversized sunburst mirror frame that will immensely enhance the visual appeal and look of the bedroom.

8. Incorporate Texture to Create a Chic look: An interesting way of popping up a small bedroom is to incorporate a variety of textures, patterns, shades, and designs in the room. You must experiment with different fabrics, designs, patterns and textures when picking pillow covers, bedsheets, blankets, rugs, sofa and cushion covers that will help to add variety and color to the bedroom and enhance its visual appeal and ambiance.

9. Create an Impression with Layered Lighting: What can be more disappointing than a small bedroom with a single overhead light. You can consider layering up the lighting to create a high-end and impressive look. Instead of using lighting from a single source, you must consider adding depth and dimension to the bedroom by decking it up with lights from different sources such as sculptural sconces, arc lighting, pendant lights, fixtures, floor lamps, chandeliers, dimmers, table lamps and other interesting options to boost the visual appeal of the space and enrich its look and ambiance.

10. Use Impressive Window Treatments to Create a Statement look: You can consider creating a statement look by using drapes and curtains in gauzy and light shades to reflect natural light into the bedroom and you must hang window treatments closer to the ceiling and ensure that the panels go all the way to the floor to enhance the visual appeal of the bedroom and make it feel taller.

Conclusion: We hope that this blog will definitely familiarize you with some of the amazing ideas for decorating a small bedroom.