how to select rugs for your home

How To Select Rugs For Your Home?

When opting for a home makeover or planning out the interiors for a perfect home, we pay attention to everything right from lighting to decors to furniture to furnishings to the wall color. However, one aspect that often gets overlooked is the ‘area rug’.

Yes, an area rug is an important decor element that can bring a big difference to the overall visual appeal and look of a space. Picking an area rug can be a tricky business since the right one can finish a space to perfection while a wrong one can make your home appear unfinished or awkward.

For all those facing a dilemma while selecting rugs for their home, we have brought forth this blog that will share some of the best tips that you can utilize while selecting rugs for your home.

Let’s discuss some points on How you should Select Rugs For Your Home

1. Rug Size: One of the tricky aspects involved in selecting rugs is determining the rug size that will best fit your space. A major mistake committed by the majority of people while purchasing rugs is that they fail to purchase the size that best suits their home interiors that gives an awkward or an unpleasant look to their space. The mistake that majority of us commit is that we skimp on the size that in turn makes our space appear smaller and makes everything else appear out of scale.

Ideally, a rug sets the ground for what rests on it and therefore, must be large enough to cover the conversation area. A rug for the living room must fit the size of the seating area and must be as large as possible within it in order that at least the front legs of your furniture are on it. You can consider picking a large-sized rug for your living room that exceeds the edges of your furniture that can visually expand a space and make it appear larger.

When picking a rug for your bedroom, you must select a rug and place it in such a way that it extends two feet beyond the bed on each side in order that you feel the rug on your feet once you get out of bed.

2. Room Orientation: One of the important aspects to consider when selecting a rug for your home is the shape or the orientation of your space. You must select square or round rugs for square shaped rooms and rectangular rugs for rectangular rooms. 

3. Color: Color is an element that impacts our emotions, actions and the way we respond to situations and things in our life. Color is one of the important elements you must consider when selecting a rug for your space since it will significantly influence the look and feel of the space. You must stick to a single color rug preferably a neutral shade or a shade that either complements or is in contrast to your existing furnishings in case you have plenty of color and pattern all across your space.

You must select a rug for your home considering the color of your walls and take your home accessories, furniture, flooring and wall color into mind since the rug you select for your space must go well with the rest of your interiors. 

4. Texture: Pattern is another important aspect that you need to consider when selecting rugs for your home since pattern drives in variety to the place and makes the place look impressive and sophisticated. You need to pay attention to the furniture, accessories, and walls of your space when thinking about purchasing a patterned rug. It is wise to allow the finishes of your existing furniture and your interiors determine whether to drive in a patterned rug or not. Its’ all about achieving balance, therefore, you must opt for a patterned rug in case your existing furnishings are solid color while a solid rug will bring in a grounding, calming effect in case you have patterned furnishings.

5. Material: Another important factor that you need to consider while selecting a rug for your home is the rug material that will depend greatly on your lifestyle and preferences. There are plenty of fabrics or materials available in the market when it comes to rugs such as wool, wool-mix, polyester, jute, sisal, viscose, etc with their own set of pros and cons. While wool is the most popular material and offers durability and is flame-resistant, synthetics and viscose also share a significant market share. Take your preferences and budget into consideration while determining the material to choose when selecting rugs for your home.

6. High Pile Vs Low Pile: You must determine the type of pile you want when selecting a rug for your space. While a low-pile rug offers the advantage of being sturdier, inexpensive, easier to vacuum and keep clean, high-pile rugs offer the advantage of being softer, comfortable, more luxurious and make rooms appear inviting and cozier. A general rule is that a thicker rug best suits a room that doesn’t get a lot of traffic while a low-pile rug best suits a room that gets a lot of traffic.

Rug Styles: Rug style is another important factor that you need to consider when selecting rugs for your home since there is a countless variety of styles available in the market. You must pay heed to what is available and introspect about the kind of atmosphere you want to establish in the space when picking a rug style.

Conclusion: We hope that this blog will familiarize you with the factors that you need to consider when selecting rugs for your home.